lördag, april 11, 2009

Nickes blogg

Välkommen till BloggBloggen

Hittade nyss till Nicke Sjödins blogg och kan varmt rekommendera den, även om det ju inte kommer att ske några uppdateringar där nu.

Find baby Thor Wang
National center for missing and exploited children
Free Dawit Isaak

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Bloggblad sa...

Jag kände inte till honom, men jag har blivit nyfiken, så jag ska lyssna. När jag får några minuter över...

Save Baby Thor Wang sa...

NEW UPDATES! Please look a the website!


I am Andrew Wang, Thor's father. I would like to offer the other side of the story. I moved away with my son because I had to protect him from harm. The legal system in the US failed to do so.

Please see my blog: http://savebabythorwang.blogspot.com and my website: http://www.k2techconsulting.com

Please help me get in touch with Thor. I have asked to talk to him but Maria has denied me any contact with him.

Andrew Wang